Health & Wellness · Manifestation Coach

Emily Stooks (like books) graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Dance from Arizona State University.  Over the years she has developed her skills as a certified Massage Therapist; Reiki Master; Reflexologist; and most importantly, a certified 500 hour Yoga teacher.  Her instructors, including John Salisbury, Dave and Cheryl Oliver and Gila Shire have helped shape her practice and style as a well rounded, all level yoga teacher.  Emily brings a fun-loving hybrid of yoga and spirituality to each class that she teaches.  Whether you are on the floor for her Yin/Restorative class or sweating to her full charged Power Vinyasa Flow, Emily offers a light-hearted and fully engaging experience for all levels that speaks to each individuals needs.  Classes include asana (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and chanting.  She greets each student and asks them what they are needing out of their practice that day.  You will seldom see Emily just walking around and shouting out poses; she prefers to show you each one and then will give you easier and more difficult variations of them.  Emily loves her family and friends, the beach, reading, people watching and nectarines.  Her favorite asana pose is Bakasana-Crane pose (featured above).